If you've found yourself here, it's because you're intrigued to learn more about me...

You first knew me as nothing more than a broken pencil, so for your support, I am eternally grateful.

I invite you to join me on my self-improvement journey. The goal is to trade myself for something better, then trade that for something more valuable, all the way until I am worth ONE MILLION dollars, with the goal of giving back ONE MILLION dollars to those who feel worthless like I do.

My led is blunt and it's time erase all that and re-write my journey. Each trade will be documented here and on my Instagram account


Want to be a part of this journey? Get in touch:


And, so it begins...

Thanks to Matt for offering up this trade.

Trade 2: A Signed Copy of Arthur: The Dog Who Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home

Thanks to Mikael Lindnord for offering to send a signed copy of his book. His story has been featured on Forbes, The Guardian and ESPN.

Trade 3: Speed cubes by @thesilentcow

Thanks to @thesilentcow for swapping a dual kit and a single kit of their speed cubes.

Trade 4: 12 Pack DavidOff Cigars @ihavanas

Thanks to @ihavanas for swapping me a box of DavidOff Cigars increasing the current value almost 10 fold.

Trade 5: Rare Hardback copy of Buffy Season 9, Volume 3. @quentin2121

Thanks to @quentin2121 for trading us a hardback copy of Buffy Season 9, Volume 3. This particular volume is out of print and only a few are on sale across the Internet. Prices range from $250-700.

Trade 5: SkinnyDip London Gift Card @skinnydiplondon

Thanks to @skinnydiplondon for kindly swapping the book for a $325 Gift voucher.